$100 dollar challenge!

Yay, another $100 dollar challenge! Now, I’m not going to put a time limit on this but I am just going to aim to make $100. Most beginners seem to think that its near impossible to make any money in internet marketing. I’m going to try and prove that it isn’t and hopefully make $100.Making money on the internet is only difficult if you don’t really know what you are doing or how it all works. Its a simple enough idea, you just need to connect the right people with the right products. If you can find people who are hungry to buy your offer then you really can’t fail.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Keyword research. I am going to be promoting an internet marketing niche. keyword tools! I haven’t really decided which ones yet but I already use a few every day so I will probably be pushing one of them.
  2. Set up a web page on an existing website. This page will basically be show casing the products I choose to promote. For this challenge I’m not going to buy a new URL, I already have a web development and design blog here —> Manchester web design, so we will use that. That is a single post on that site that we are going to use to try and make the $100.
  3. Start Pushing that traffic!!

Obviously I will elaborate on point three as we go along and time stamp each action I take. Right, off to create the page

(22/03/2011 13:48 GMT) – Created a page, its not great, at the minute it is promoting SEM Rush, which is a great tool but i am just not happy with the wording and the structure of the page, I shall tweak it as I go along. The page is here —> Keyword research. Although the page is already receiving some visits I  still need to actually send some traffic to the page.

(23/03/2011 12:44 GMT) – Stumbled the page and added it to a couple of forum signatures. The page has had 15 views since yesterday so far. Obviously the aim is to make this much higher! Dug the page over at digg, not sure it will bring many diggers but you never know.

The page wording is still bothering me so i am going to re-write it with a more story like style. Copywriting is a bit of an art form and if you get it right you can make your sales rocket.

The main problem with my text is that it hasn’t got many benefits in there, plenty of features because its a tutorial but sales are made off the back of benefits, not features. The original text is here but tomorrow I am going to change it.

(25/03/2011 13:12 GMT) – Tweaked the page and made it look a lot more like a tutorial rather than a sales page. The important thing to do to sell a product like this is to provide some valuable information, provide a good example of where the product can bring a huge benefit. Hopefully we have come some way to doing this by providing the tutorial on finding new niches and keywords.

I submitted the site to a couple of tutorial sites. I am amazed that more people are not submitting content to these sites. I grab literally thousands of visits every month from these two sites: http://www.tutorialsphere.com , http://www.tutorialized.com. There are others which I am planning to submit to but I know that these two are extremely high traffic and they both have an SEO section.

I know I was planning on trying to sell a few different products on that page but the page is so long now it may be difficult to botch it in there. I shall have a think about that.

As of today 120 people have visited the page and 1 person has signed up for a free account. Not a great start but we can always tweak as we go along. Planning to step up the traffic generation over the next couple days.

(28/03/2011 12:44 GMT) – Submitted an article to ezinearticles.com, will wait until it is approved and then submit the same one to a few other article directories.

Although article marketing isn’t anywhere near as lucrative as it once was, its still a pretty good way to grab a few incoming links and get your internal pages cached.

March 22nd, 2011


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Free Hosting

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Free web hosting is best suited for small sites with low traffic, like personal sites. It is not recommended for high traffic or for real business. Technical support is often limited, and technical options are few.

Very often you cannot use your own domain name at a free site. You have to use a name provided by your host like http://www.freesite.com/users/~yoursite.htm. This is hard to type, hard to remember, and not very professional…

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