5 Ultra Cheap But Reliable Web Hosts You Never Knew About

When you look at the hosting market today you might be forgiven for thinking that there are only 4 or 5 decent choices, but if you dig a little deeper you will find that there are dozens of high quality web hosts that have been providing hosting services for many years without problems. While they don’t have the advertising budget of the larger hosts to make themselves well known, they are still professionally run and have proven reliability. The best part is that they are often ultra cheap since they don’t need to pay for legions of support staff and lots of marketing.

Check out this list of little known, very cheap, but extremely reliable web hosts:

1. Hawk Host – $3.29 per month with a one year pre-payment
HawkHost have been online since 2004 and have been serving web hosting customers for over 6 years. They are well known for having high reliability and excellent support. If you pre-pay for the year the price is just $3.29 or they have a month-to-month plan which is a bit more expensive.

2. HostQuack – $1.99 per month with a one year pre-payment
HostQuack claim to not be a ‘cheap’ hosting company which is ironic considering they are one of the cheapest hosting companies around. While their yearly price works out to just $1.99 you can also pay monthly which costs $2.99. HostQuack have been around since 2007 and not had any major problems in the last 3 years. They have 24/7 online support available for all customers to.

3. StableHost – $3.62 per month with a one year pre-payment
Incredibly StableHost are older than many of the more well known web hosting companies having started in 2002. While they are not that well known to most people, their fantastic support, little to no downtime and very reasonable prices has won them a loyal fan base.

4. MagmaHost – $1.00 per month
How on Earth MagmaHost are able to offer hosting plans for so cheap and maintain reliability I don’t know, but they have done successfully for the last 3 years now – they even manage to throw in live 24/7 support as well.

5. LayerOnline – $0.99 per month with a one year pre-payment
I know what you are thinking, for $0.99 a month you can’t expect miracles, but LayerOnline have been successfully serving hosting customers for two years now. While this probably isn’t enough time to build up a reliability history, the price is certainly low enough to give it a try, especially considering they haven’t had any issues since they started.

6. WebHost.uk.net – Approx $2.00 per month with a one year plan
Another hosting company that has been around since 2008 that provide low cost services and have been doing so successfully. Don’t let the domain name put you off though, they have servers in Europe and America and also offer Windows hosting for those that need it. They have a 24/7 phoneline along with an online support desk and live chat for customers that need it.

January 11th, 2011


Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting, your web site is hosted on a dedicated server.

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive option. This option is best suited for large web sites with high traffic, and web sites that use special software.

You should expect dedicated hosting to be very powerful and secure, with almost unlimited software solutions.

Shared (Virtual) Hosting

Shared hosting is very cost effective.

With shared hosting, your web site gets its own domain name, and is hosted on a powerful server along with maybe 100 other web sites.

Shared solutions often offer multiple software solutions like e-mail, database, and different editing options. Technical support tends to be good.

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