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VERIO – Bulid your Business Build on US
Who would you rather trust with the critical task of hosting your business Web site? A company with a few servers and a low monthly price?

Or Verio, the global triple crown winner in performance, reliability and support? More businesses worldwide — over 500,000 — trust Verio than any other company, anywhere

Reliability with a Global Footprint
Verio provides a global Internet Protocol (IP) network with worldwide financial stability and regional data centers through NTT Communications, the world’s largest telecommunications company NTT Communications was recently named “Best in Class” in a Telemark data services user survey

Award-Winning LIVE 24/7 Support
With our dedicated Personal Account Advisors, there’s no such thing as a “stupid question” World-class customer support and leading technology experts are here to help

Some Web hosting companies have a local office, a regional presence, or a national network But very few have the expanding global footprint of Verio

As a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, the world’s largest telecommunications company, Verio is one of the technology industry’s pioneers that helped shape the Internet

Today, Verio represents global stability, international strength, an Internet Protocol (IP) network across four continents, and a growing suite of online services to business customers in over 170 countries

May 16th, 2011


Collocated Hosting

Collocation means “co-location”. Collocated hosting lets you place your own web server on the premises (locations) of a service provider.

This is pretty much the same as running your own server in your own office, only that it is located at a place better designed for it.

Most likely an ISP will have dedicated resources like high-security against fire and vandalism, regulated backup power, dedicated Internet connections and more.

Reseller hosting

designed for those who want to become Web hosts themselves. One gets a large amount of space and bandwidth that can be divided up among as many sites as the user wants to put on his account. A reseller account is placed on the same server with other reseller accounts, just like with shared hosting but there are fewer accounts.

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