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What makes SSA Host different?
Our support model Plain and simple as it may be, it is different than the mainstream and surprisingly effective We worked out a simple and logical way to run a very reliable hosting service with very affordable prices

We use datacenters chosen for their reliability, and expert personnel trained specifically to maintain their networks and connectivity This allows us to be more focused on our own servers and the services we offer By managing our own servers and devoting our time to making sure they are running smoothly we limit the number of support issues being raised by customers and can provide reliable hosting

May 6th, 2011


Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting, your web site is hosted on a dedicated server.

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive option. This option is best suited for large web sites with high traffic, and web sites that use special software.

You should expect dedicated hosting to be very powerful and secure, with almost unlimited software solutions.

Collocated Hosting

Collocation means “co-location”. Collocated hosting lets you place your own web server on the premises (locations) of a service provider.

This is pretty much the same as running your own server in your own office, only that it is located at a place better designed for it.

Most likely an ISP will have dedicated resources like high-security against fire and vandalism, regulated backup power, dedicated Internet connections and more.

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